Our Team

“The World is Flat” says Thomas Friedman, and very rightly so. In an organization, a Housekeeper is as important as the Managing Director, so are middle level and higher level team and staff members. A team needs all the players, and all the players need the team. We at Renuka Diagnostics strongly believe in the teamwork philosophy and hence understand that an equal opportunity working mindset and wealth sharing among team-mates is the only way to sustainable growth. This will lead to a congenial work atmosphere where the rewards are decided not by position but by the output and contribution to the organization..

Senior Management Team

Dr. Ajay Shesh, MD, F&CMD
Mob: 9827883168

Dr. B.P. Singh, MD,
Mob: 9977833811

Junior Physician
Dr. Amit Mishra,
Mob: 9907166007

Sr. Manager
Ravishankar Singh, Sr. Manager,
Mob: 9827463897

Dr K.B. Singh, MD,

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