Short History and Milestones

Renuka Diagnostics began as a small laboratory in Dr Anil Shesh’s clinic in 1980 to cater to the diagnostic needs of a developing town in Chhattisgarh. As it did well, the next generation, Dr Ajay Shesh, guided by his parents, did MD in Pathology, and founded Renuka Diagnostics in 1998 as an independent speciality Pathology center.

In 2005, first collection center in Balco was started, soon 4 other collection centers opened in different parts of the district. Outside Korba district, a center a Champa was opened in 2006.

In Jan. 2009 a full fleshed separate lab was opened at Raigarh under the leadership of Dr. Atanu Chakrawarti. Today the lab has grown to large proportions with collection centers spanning from Kirodimal nagar till Gharghoda.

In Jan.2010, a state of the art lab was opened in Bilaspur under the leadership of Dr. B.P. Singh and Dr. Amit Mishra. The organization aims to lead the clinical pathology scene in Bilaspur within a span of two tears.

AshVik’ Health Pvt. Ltd.

AshVik' Health Pvt. Ltd. Is the company behind the brand Renuka Diagnostics. “AshVik” is a Diagnostic and Laboratory Medicine company and has a broad vision of running a nationwide chain of specialist Pathology Labs and Blood Banks branded as Renuka Diagnostics and Matrix Blood Products respectively, along with other endeavors. We are in search of Pathologists and Microbiologists who will partner us in this grand vision. We intend highly professional and commercially viable value creation in the Medical field through our innovative services and effective "human-touch" management.

AshVik Health Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Renuka Diagnostics Korba. Dr Ajay Shesh, MD heads the company as the Chief Managing Director.

Why Us / Our Focus Areas and Strengths

  • Panel of highly Qualified and Experienced Pathologists
  • Highly motivated Technical and Managerial Team
  • State’s largest Network of Pathology Labs and Collection Centers
  • Ample armament of extra and stand-by instruments for uninterrupted lab functioning in case of instrument breakdowns
  • ISO 9001:200 QMS accreditation
  • ERP Based Management
  • Web-Based centralized digital Real-Time monitoring systems/Software
  • Astounding Collective Experience of providing Laboratory Services in both Urban and Interior areas and in Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Expertise in a wide spectrum of Instrument, Technology and Equipment usage
  • Always open to New Vistas of Learning and Growing
  • Highly Professional CRM [Customer Relationship Management] System

Working Hours

All our labs and collection centers are open 24 X 7.
[Annual days off are Holi, Dipawali. Half day on Dusshera.]


  • Spectrophotometry
  • Chemiluminescence
  • Fluoroscent Immunoassay
  • Reflectrometry
  • Electrophoresis
  • HPLC [High Performance Liquid Chromatography]
  • Immunochromatography

Charity [Shraddha]

Shraddha Humanitarian Society is the Charity Wing of Renuka Diagnostics and AshVik’ Health Pvt. Ltd. “Shraddha” organizes Preventive and Diagnostic Camps and offers support to such Endeavours. It also organizes musical events to promote talented young Musicians. It runs a Charity Clinic every Tuesday at Village Pahanda near Korba. For organizing a camp or for support for a camp organized by you, Please Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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