Values / Policies

We basically believe in the philosophy explained in the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. We strive to base all our actions of thought, word and deed in alignment with the teachings of the book along side the following – in both personal and professional worlds:

  • Absolute Integrity and ethical business
  • Respect for individual initiative and personal growth
  • Service quality and reliability everywhere
  • Contributory community service apart from profession
  • Individual and Corporate responsibility towards society, government, environment and ecology
  • Continual self improvement
  • Work with passion, commitment and enthusiasm
  • Pursue ever higher goals

Our basic beliefs/Paradigms

Medical profession – is noble and pious, we are fortunate to be a part of it, and shall strive to maintain its dignity.

Patients – our center of purpose, thought and actions.

People – all are basically trustworthy and capable of achieving greatness. We have to look at the divinity and the merits inherent in each person, understand their right of dignified and honest dealing at both personal and professional fronts, and to ignore the shortcomings of their thought, word and deed.

Team/Staff – Beginning with our"people" paradigm, our team is the most important asset as an instrument to achieve our vision, at the same time, synergistically, Renuka diagnostics shall be the instrument for achieving their personal and professional vision.

Success and growth – are not for personal gratification but to reinforce our basic beliefs and the purpose of our being. Our reverence towards the world keeps increasing with each achievement and encourages us to discover new horizons.

Money/Profit – is our friend, associate and strength. It is not our boss. It is our vehicle and means to reach for our vision, it is not the purpose of our being or working. But of-course, profit is essential for the enterprise to grow, and to provide the opportunity for our employees and stakeholders to achieve their reasonable personal and professional objectives.

Technology – again a friend, associate, strength and vehicle for reaching vision, not our boss. It is not a substitute for people's minds and the thinking process. We shall incorporate technology as a servant to achieve our goals and to support our basic beliefs.

Services/Market Segment

Pathology and Clinical laboratory diagnostic services, with blood bank services. We want this to be our niche and our principle area of focus. Diversification simply for the sake of expansion and money is not in harmony with our basic beliefs. We will concentrate on routine and semi-special investigations, leaving the sophisticated tests to other service providers. Our USP will be "QSDFC", namely Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost.

Target Market

Being a health service provider, whole population of the area served is our target market.

Management Guidelines/ General Policies

  • To introduce our basic beliefs and vision to the team
  • To establish a safe, healthy, relaxed and productive place of work where the team can feel the joy of making a difference to the lives of the sick and the society in general, especially in an ethical manner
  • People are our greatest resource
  • Successful working relationships based on mutual respect, decency, fairness, integrity, and trust to work towards organizational mission, using open and honest communication
  • We shall eliminate any unfair profit seeking, persistently emphasize substantial and essential work, and merely pursue growth
  • We shall welcome the difficulties of workplace as a ladder and tool to reach and improve our working and management
  • We shall place our main emphasis on ability, performance, and personal character so that each individual can show the best in ability and skill, and be compensated reasonably for it
  • We abhor from unfair incentives to doctors and institutions for getting work. We believe that ours is not a dependant branch, as widely considered. It is the patient who feeds both the clinician and the diagnostician.


Aim is to earn a reasonable post-tax profit to continue on our path towards the mission. However, poor patients, needy ones, and on request of the clinician, appropriate discounts can be given, or the tests may be done even for free. Doctors and their immediate families are not charged.
There is a price list based on which the patients are charged. The price list may be revised from time to time.

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